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Lord House Production LTD is an absolute media and branding company that was created out of the burning desire to spark a new wave of class and quality in the entire media world. Click here to see more projects.

In a time where music in Nigeria and around the world is growing at a geometrical rate and its industry undergoing transformation (as its economic viability is at the front burner of both investors and artiste alike), the need to have record labels with strong philosophies and vision that will aid the development of young talents and structure a better music industry is inevitable.

The EAST GATE RECORD LABEL is that Label that will set the pace for a vibrant entertainment industry in Nigeria and join professional labels around the world with the pedigree of integrity, talent grooming and global best practice.

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Lord House Production

Lord House Production LTD is an oval media/multimedia company and outfit that engage in these services:

Documentary Production.
Television content/programme.
Movie production.
Music Video production.
Radio/Television Jingle Production.
Advertisement Production/Branding.
Event Coverage/Management
PR/Media Consulting.
Classical wedding documentary
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What we do

Documentary Production.

Lord House Production LTD has multi dynamic concepts at its disposal that enables stories (told through thoroughly constructed graphics and sounds) during documentary productions. Our documentaries ranges from political, wild life, business, tourism, business, biography, infomercial, sports and a lot more.

TV Programme/Content Production

Television contents globally has changed from being rigid to meeting the new technologies and expectations of viewers globally, At Lord House Production LTD we are conversant with these expectations and are creating exciting and educating TV contents acceptable globally. From entertainment, science, reality TV show, kiddies show, talk shows, political documentaries, infomercials etc; we are more determined to treating global viewers with variety, classy and quality contents.

Movie Production.

Nollywood is acclaimed globally to be the 3rd largest producer of movies. The new techniques and stories that will transform Nollywood is most times lacking. Lord House Production LTD a brand that operates with global best practices is here to make a mark in the movie industry worldwide by bringing to cinema and screen quality stories with high quality graphics and resolution. Our TV soaps, Telenovela, Sitcoms, Movies, Series, will inspire, unite and create a new level for film makers globally.

TV/Radio Jingle Production.

Our mission statement "CRYSTAL CLEAR PITCH PERFECT INSPIRATION" highlights the level we try to set our products. In information dissemination, we carefully create styles and concepts for clients in this regards. With our voice over artistes we tend to give a quality production to radio and TV jingles.


Blogging is part of what we do. We create an exciting environment for readers on our website. We blog about inspiring events, lifestyle, entertainment and people and also follow up on activities nationwide and globally. Our ever dynamic and prolific writers make sure that we are always putting the right information. Our videos, academy, artistes, staff are also highlighted in the blog. We also give opportunities to corporate bodies, individuals, brands etc to advertise and do publications on our blog.

Event Coverage /Management.

In a world where happenings and events needs proper documentation and planning we render services. From annual general meetings, marriage solemnity, birthday party, to house warming. Funerals, big entertainment events, red carpet, brand launching, etc we offer and render services to tend to these needs. Our very modern and quality equipment are deployed for these purposes irrespective of location.


This Multimedia Firm responds promptly to advertising needs and branding as we have platforms to help grow brands and also advertise. Our online TV channel, various TV programs (on satellite TV stations) smart and creative 3D animators and graphics team, etc acts as a driving force for brands of all types to be advertised. We also help on contract base to holistically engage in Branding services for establishments.

P.R/Media Consulting.

As a media firm we consult on a large scale (mostly media related and event bases). We keep our clients globally on hallowed esteem and tend to their needs with absolute trust and confidence. We have strategies that are accorded each client uniquely (thus, no copyright infringement and common ideas). Planning events are part of our strength, we adequately handle basic to high level events with Total class and style.

Leasing of Production Equipment.

Television production items in our store are often leased to aid film makers and intended clients.

Music Video Production.

With our state of the art production equipment we give the best concepts to music video production. Our aim is to help artiste translate the music into more modern and theatre display on screen for viewing pleasure.


Lord House Production LTD have a number of projects it undergoes. Our projects are done within our mission statement “CRYSTAL CLEAR PITCH PERFECT AND INSPIRATIONAL”. Being pace setters and unseating common ideas and belief are the core values we try to maintain. Integrity for us cannot be compromised; our products are unique and very resourceful.
Our projects ranges from:


Brands we work with

These are some of our happy clients who trust us to deliver and make their dreams come alive.